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EDGeS@Home - Introduction

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Need to check XtremWeb on this portal.

With EDGeS@Home you can donate your unused computing time to science. EDGeS@Home runs applications that are developed for scientific Grids but also do run on Voluntary Crowd computing systems consisting of computers at home.

Everyone in the world can donate computing time to EDGeS@Home and thus to scientists using EGI. You do so by downloading a worker programme on your PC. When your computer is doing nothing or almost nothing, this worker programme asks EDGeS@Home for work, executes the work and sends the results back to your PC. EDGeS@Home works on Windows MacOSX and Linux systems.

EDGeS@Home is safe: we only let you use tested, validated and trusted software and applications that will not harm your system in anyway.

Two flavours of EDGeS@Home

We have two flavours of EDGeS@Home for you to choose from:

EDGeS@Home BOINC Grid uses the BOINC Desktop Grid Middleware that originates from Berkeley, California, USA. One of the advantages is that you can choose to donate computing time to more projects, not just EDGeS@Home. It also has a nice interface and tools to show what you did contribute.

EDGeS@Home XtremWebHEP-E is Desktop Grid Middleware developed by INRIA/IN2P3 in France. It has been extended for use within EDGeS. It runs more in the background and is especially useful if you just want to donate computing time without much fancy tools.